About Us


Cromin de México was created in 1989 with the objective of satisfying the needs of electrolytic coatings and metal finishing that prevailed at that time in different industries by offering a reliable supply solution that understood the requirements of its clients.

Already with more than 30 years of experience and being a company capable of providing real and complete solutions, we continue working to provide a quality service and maintain ourselves as a leading company in the market. We seek to achieve this by improving our processes, our work team, respecting our commitment to the environment, and with the satisfaction of our clients as backup. Our ideology focuses on the continuous improvement of our processes and the search for technological innovation to keep us one step ahead and ensure the best fulfillment of our objectives

Starting in 2018, a development plan began to fully automate all our finishing processes, starting with the Duplex Nickel line for the automotive industry.


Continue to be a company where growth, the overcoming of obstacles, and the honest fulfillment with our client are our purpose and in this way, preferentially locate ourselves in our client’s opinion and satisfy the necessities of the market.


Be a company:

  • Leader in its branch.
  • With administrative, operative, and financial solidity.
  • With the infrastructure and operation of deverlopment programs and qualification of personnel.
  • That distinguishes itself because of the quality in every service or work done.
  • With a labor atmosphere that favors the sense of permanence.
  • With total occupation in the production area.
  • With end technology for the commercial, administrative, and operative processes.
  • With national presence and increase in sales and exports.